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    5. Welcome to RuiAn KEYUE Machinery Co.,ltd !
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      Paper Disk Machine
      Medium-speed automatic paper plates machine
      Medium-speed automatic paper plates machine
      Product introduction:
      KY - 500 - j type medium speed automatic paper plate (plate) machine is designed according to the market need and independent development, with automatic air vacuum suction paper paper, thermoforming, automatic disc and constant temperature control, automatic counting, and other functions, is the production of various specifications of the circular paper plates, square paper plates and profiled the ideal equipment of paper plates (plate). SCF - 500 paper plate (plate) compared with the traditional automatic paper plates, it combines the principle of combination of pneumatic and mechanical has higher production speed, more stable performance, safe operation, convenient maintenance and more humanized structure design, etc. CL - 500 - j type full automatic paper plate machine USES efficient pressurized cylinder at a moderate speed, maximum pressure can reach 15 t, it than with hydraulic cylinder has the advantages of faster and more environmental protection. CL - 500 - j type medium speed automatic paper plate (plate) machine, widely used in the production of paper as the raw material plate. Through changing mold can produce different specifications, different shapes of round or square plate, plate.

      technical parameter:
      型號 KY-500
      生產速度 50-70只/分鐘
      紙張原料 100-1000克/平方米(原紙、白板紙、白卡紙、鋁箔或者其他)
      電源功率 220V/50HZ
      產品規格 8-15英寸(直徑、圓形紙碟)(模具可更換);可以按照客戶要求定制生產各種規格紙碟
      裝箱尺寸 1700x1650x1900mm(長X寬X高)
      機器重量 1000kg
      配套氣源 工作壓力 1.2Mpa



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